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Being a hero is tiring. So is being a teacher. Sometimes you can't even, and sometimes you save the world anyway. This wildly thick and shaggy black wig will fluff up amazingly when you ask it to, and is still kind of inexplicably cool when it's just chilling. You can curl or straighten this wig easily, and coax up a maelstrom of spikes and crests in no time.

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5 reviews for Plus Ultra Power Nap

  1. Jonah (verified owner)

    I have used this wig for Keith (Voltron), Aizawa (BNHA), and C!Sapnap (Dream SMP) and honeslty I love it so much. Very easy to work with and easy to cut. Thick enough to be a good wig but not overwhelming thick. Good consistency.

  2. Jaye42 (verified owner)

    I used this wig as a base for Shadow the Hedgehog, so I wound up changing how it looks pretty drastically, and added red wefts as highlights. It took to styling with heat very well, and has plenty of hair for spiking/styling. I wound up straightening the wig to tame it a bit and shape it into more controlled spikes. The hair styles extremely easily; just a touch of hair wax and it wasn’t going anywhere! As always the fibers are high quality and the wig itself is very comfortable.

  3. daric rodriguez (verified owner)

    Love it! Meant to write a review sooner oops. It does shed a little, but I find a lot of thicker wigs tend to do so for a little bit. I can have it tamed, or muse it up for different looks (like scuffled from a fight or stressed) and it easily finger brushes back into its natural state. It matches the photo lengths perfectly and works for most your Aizawa needs (a little short for my personal preference but I also just like visible ponytail Aizawa).

  4. Ragingfaun (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic wig, it looks exactly like the picture and is already styled perfectly!

  5. Antonio

    To start, it’s super thick. The wig cap doesn’t show at all and it doesn’t poof up. It shed a lot but that’s normal for a new wig. 11/10 on thickness!

    It’s not shiny and it feels SUPER soft!!! The fibers are so nice and there’s no weird texture to it. It probably wouldn’t hold for big styling but as a set character it’s absolutely perfect!! The wig is already wavy and stayed like that through shipping. And the wig cap fits really nice. 10/10 on feel.

    Over all this wig took literally no styling for it to look identical to the character and identical to the picture on their website! Definitely a 10/10 wig.

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