Half Cold Half Hot

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Let's believe in heroes! This half-fiery half-ice cold wig is all heat resistant and ready to do battle for great justice! Easily fluffed or smoothed down, this sturdy and thick wig will survive battles the rest of your cosplay might not. Save the day, with cool headed plans, fiery moves, and great friends and allies! Also, happy cosplaying!

This wig has a tutorial featuring it by The Alchemic Fox!

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15 reviews for Half Cold Half Hot

  1. Icanttypo (verified owner)

    If you’re planning on cosplaying Todoroki, and don’t want to break the bank, I’d give this wig a shot. The colors are beautiful, and natural looking. This was the first non-amazon wig I’ve ever bought, and considering I’ve almost entirely switched to shopping at Five Wits… You can imagine the sort of quality you’re getting here. All and all, 10/10.

  2. kb231.stu (verified owner)

    I have had this wig for almost 5 years and it is still going strong! It is my favorite to wear and is always fun to put together for cosplay!

  3. LadyMora (verified owner)

    Perfect wig for Shoto! Loved the color and everything about it. The five wits is always a great company to order from for special wigs.

  4. Bambi (verified owner)

    Perfect wig for Shouto Toderoki. I love how comfortable this is, and can easily wear this for a long time without feeling irritation from the wig cap. I didn’t really even have to do much to style it either which was pretty neat.

  5. TheAlchemicFox

    The perfect todoroki wig! It removes the need to combine two wigs or dye a wig to get his hair color. It’s a huge money saver AND the quality is amazing, which I’ve grown to expect from TheFiveWits. Trim it slightly to your face shape if needed, but ultimately I just ruffle it a bit, spritz it with some hairspray, and head out in my cosplay. It’s definitely much prettier then my homemade first attempt lol. Seriously, if you need a Todoroki wig, don’t bother looking any further! Great price, amazing quality, fast shipping. Thanks FiveWits!

  6. Jpeterparker (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this wig. Its the first wig I’ve bought and its so perfect. Very easy to style as well. I spent a long time watching wig styleing tutorials before I bought this wig. Its so perfect and comfortable. I didn’t really need to trim much just a little bit of the bangs.

  7. Dandelion Knite (verified owner)

    This wig is absolutely the best half colored wig i’ve ever bought! The fibers are thick and the layers settle perfectly! The wig also photographs very nicely. The colors hardly every cross over so you dont have to worry about re-adjusting it! If you want a high quality wig for Todoroki this is it!

  8. tmartin14 (verified owner)

    I actually own two of these wigs, and they have consistently been great! They are thick wigs and take styling very well.

  9. emilys1335 (verified owner)

    This wig is just amazing. My first time buying from here and I’m soo happy I waited to get this wig. It looks just amazing and I’m really happy with it. I’m definitely getting more wigs from here!!


    I got this wig for Christmas and I use it all the time. I love how easy is was to put it on and it was ready. I did have to trim the bangs a little to fit my face, but it was perfect I recommend buying wigs her in the future

  11. 2001jdh (verified owner)

    This wig is just amazing! There is almost no styling required you can basically just wear it straight out of the bag. The fibers are soft and the red and white sections stay separate. I wish I could give more then 5 stars because the wig is just that great!

  12. Naukajewel (verified owner)

    This wig is a quick and easy style, perfect for Todoroki. I personally had to trim the bangs and sides to achieve the anime look I desired and to also shape my face. Other than minimal trimming with small scissors, it is already equipped with half red half white which is split straight down the middle. It is very comfortable and the netting on the inside of the wig is a caucasian color. I highly recommend this wig for Todoroki.

  13. Kim (verified owner)

    I love this for Todoroki so much! I just trimmed the middle portion for my face then hairsprayed it for con and got sooooo many compliments! Thank you for making this wig!

  14. redbirdwaters (verified owner)

    Super amazing wig, like it is so soft and silky! The white is really amazing and the red is absolutely gorgeous! I kept staring because it’s such an amazing colouring and they both separate really nicely and don’t mix up together that much. I didn’t even mind wearing it for hours!! It settled really well and some people even thought it was real (they may have been drunk) Definitely a worthy purchase if you want to do Todoroki, the shipping was really fast and just good quality all round.

  15. snowyowl245 (verified owner)

    I love this wig! The colors are really nice, and there are a ton of fibers in the wig. Something I love about Five Wits Wigs is that they’re all very thick and have really nice layers. Another great thing about this wig is that as someone with long thick hair, it covers everything and it’s still really comfortable. It’s also very easy to style. Overall a really nice wig, and I look forward to ordering from Five Wits again in the future!

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