Blind Bandit Boar Bender

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The perfect wig for both an unstoppable force and an immoveable object. Yes, you can rock this look. This black wig comes with a large sewn on bun in back, and long bangs.

Made of a heat-resistant (up to 300°F/148°C) synthetic fiber. Works for Toph from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Part of the "sugoi black" color match.

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2 reviews for Blind Bandit Boar Bender

  1. devinemind (verified owner)

    I created an account just to review this because it came out so wonderful! It was comfortable and not too heavy to wear and was easily recognizable with the signature headband. Everywhere I went on Halloween people loved my costume and recognized me as Toph straight away, in part due to this fabulous wig!! Thank you so much <3

  2. Cora Welsh (verified owner)

    this wig is SOOO nice! it’s comfortable and thick i love it so much!!

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