Rocks To The Chest

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This rich, bright red wig is strong and manly! It’s a nice thick heat-resistant fiber, and comes already swept back from the face, ready to spike. You won’t need much hairspray to get this wig to HARDEN.

A good choice for cosplaying Eijiro Kirishima from Boku No Hero Academia and Tendou Satori from Haikyuu!!

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2 reviews for Rocks To The Chest

  1. emmagraceandbenny (verified owner)

    I just got this wig as a gift from my mom, and I absolutely love it! Its super thick, swept back out of the bag, and ready to spike. It requires almost no hairspray to spike it up! I spiked it with my fingers and it stayed up for about 5 minutes without hairspray so i could take some pictures with it. I personally added a bandana as well and that helped it look less crazy straight out of the bag, but I cannot recommend this wig enough!!! The Five Wits is my go-to for wigs now!

  2. rose.a.fitzgerald

    Let me just tell you right here and right now that this is the perfect Kirishima wig. It’s thick, soft and perfect for spiking. It’s plenty long, so don’t worry about your spikes being too short! (I actually had to chop quite a bit off to get to my desired length.) My only complaint is that the hairline isn’t exactly natural, so I used a bandana to cover it up. But overall, this wig is absolutely incredible, and I can’t recommend it enough!

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